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Commercial and residential building using steel frame and concrete construction.

Making the construction of your new home or building as easy and enjoyable as possible.

High quality, affordable construction completed on time and on budget.

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Commercial & Residential Builder in Perth WA

Acero Construction is a construction company with a combination of many fields of expertise in building and associated works. Acero Construction specialises in the construction of new commercial and residential homes building using steel frame and concrete construction such as precast concrete. Our focus at Acero is to make the construction of your new building as easy and enjoyable as possible whilst building a quality affordable project on time.

Residential Construction

We are able to manufacture steel frames in-house, enabling us to keep the cost down whilst using a top quality structural product. We work with the client or use client design to...

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Commercial Construction

Acero Construction specialises in the use of steel frame construction for residential homes, although we are able and willing to construct with any desired products. We are able to manufacture steel frames in house enabling us to keep the cost down whilst using a top quality structural product...

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The use of the L Block system is both quick and strong, which enable us to complete each project fast, enabling you to be on your way with your projection as short a time as possible. We keep costs...

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Our Policy

At Acero Construction we want to provide you not only with a building but with a service, because of this we enable you to have as much or as little to do with the project as you like. We are happy to take projects on at any stage and do what we can in order to see your expectations come to fruition. All of our personnel are approachable and contactable whenever you need them from the site personnel through to the company directors, it's through this approach that we not only work for you but with you as a team in order to achieve success!

Our Goal

Our goal at Acero Construction is to be a leading choice in Western Australia for commercial and residential construction within the next 5 to 10 years, constantly building our relationships with the people we work with. We want to achieve a 100% satisfaction for the client on every job with a reputation of going above and beyond in every possible way.


Acero Construction is conveniently based in Jandakot, allowing easy access to a range of suburbs both in commercial and residential zoning. Our location allows us to service the majority of Perth surrounding areas with no extra travel costs as well as being accessible to our clients at all times. This location also plays well for our services by enabling close to project precast items that can reduce costs and speed up construction times.


At Acero we understand that projects do not run successfully without quality staff, that's why we have a quality group of full time employees and a list of top quality reliable subcontractors that we use on a regular basis. Acero Constructions management and staff have worked on a variety of jobs for Government agencies and Multinational mining companies through to first time owners building their investment, allowing us to develop a rock solid quality management protocol ensuring that every build is done to a top quality standard, on time every time no matter the client or the project. Acero Construction only uses top quality suppliers, products and sub-contractors to ensure the quality of buildings supplied is always maintained at the highest of standards in aesthetics and structural integrity.


Hopetoun 3x2

This was a challenging project for Acero but ended with very successfully for both parties. Hopetoun being at the base of Western Australia set a logistical challenge with preparation and ordering of materials playing a greater than normal priority in the planning stage. Once the job commenced our very talented carpenters excelled in the construction […]


Pritchard Street Warehouses

A very successful project in O’Connor completed with a happy client on budget and on a tight timeline. This was a very special project for us at Acero as we used every aspect of our organisation to overcome hurdles of the area. This included the use of our retaining L Block system to raise the […]


Our Team

Tim Broadfoot

General Manager

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