Residential Construction

Acero Construction specialises in the use of steel frame construction for residential homes, although we are able and willing to construct with any desired products. We are able to manufacture steel frames in house enabling us to keep the cost down whilst using a top quality structural product. We work with the client or use client design to construct affordable custom built houses. We don’t generally work off existing “project home” type of plans, however we do have some available if that is your requirement. With our use of steel frames, we are able to construct both single story up to multi storey with a reasonable budget and largely reduced time frame.


Acero Construction is most commonly involved in the construction of tilt panel warehouses and industrial concrete buildings, with the majority of works carried out in house. This method of construction is quick, cost effective and absolutely structurally sound. Acero Construction will also use any specified material and or construction methods with our depth of knowledge enabling us to achieve nearly anything. We are set up in order to be able to do both on site and precast tilt panels, allowing for an assortment of project requirements and specifications.


Through partnership with sister companies we offer a fully engineered L Block retaining system for large retaining requirements from 1.5m to 4m high. The use of the L Block system is both quick and strong, which enable us to complete each project fast, enabling you to be on your way with your projection as short a time as possible. We keep costs down throughout this process by having our own transport for the Precast blocks as well as a 22 Tonne excavator for earthworks and placement.

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